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Richard and his wife mutually agreed that their marriage was over; they decided that they didn’t want to break the news to their two children, Anna and Kiet, straight away as Richard really wanted to take his son Kiet to his first day at school. At the time Anna and Kiet were eight and five respectively, Richard told his children he was going to Sydney for three months to do Yoga with Martin in order to help with his back problems. They intended on telling the children the news when Richard had returned from Sydney as at the time it didn’t seem necessary. On the morning of Kiet’s first day of school, Richard left the house with Anna, her two friends and Kiet. On the way to school Richard took Kiet by the hand and started to sing the song by Madonna “only girls have fun”, but Richard change it to “on BOYS have fun.” Kiet started laughing and he and Richard went skipping down the road singing together, Anna yelled after them playfully “DAD, STOP IT!” Kiet found this even funnier and the pair of them continued to skip along laughing and singing to school. Father and son, hand in hand, but Richard knew all along that later that day, he was going to be leaving for Sydney and that he wouldn’t see his children for three months. He subsequently moved to Australia, in 1985, where he took a yoga teaching course under an ex-SAS therapist, Martin Jackson, who ran a yoga school in Sydney. My knowledge of yoga keeps the back flexible. My main teacher in yoga, Martin told me, “As long as you keep your hips flexible, you won't go back in A wheelchair.” Martin was trying to push me really hard to posh my emotion. It was very hard because I miss my children who were very young at time. Yoga releases emotions. Martin was really pushing me to op... ... middle of paper ... ...nute. People told me they were happy when he touches them. I didn’t care I only want get my body stronger but I had a great respect with him. His knowledge helps me to get standing from the wheel chair. One day Iyengar said to Richard “Only one in a million people go through the pain that I put you through”. The thing I remember the most, I missing my children and one day after the class we lived in the class he was standing and have to walk past me. He looked at me and smile. It was so beautiful and full of love in his smiling. Tears starting rolling down my face. It was a smile wanting nothing. I always remember its one guy his name is Christian. He was very good friend. I like when he said to me once, “Rich, there are two kinds of Yogis flexible ass-hole and the person that works from their soul”. I thought that was great to me it was really the true.

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