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Conclusions and Recommendations The main problem for Kazakhstan students is that they almost never speak English in their everyday lives. They use it very rarely since there are not a lot of opportunities to do that in Kazakhstan. Students who learn English attending courses and know grammar excellently find it difficult to apply it in practice and cannot even express their thoughts. The main language spoken in the classroom is not English, but Russian. In order to overcome these problems teachers of the English language in Kazakhstan need practical, effective and easy-to-implement methods to increase the use of the English in the classroom, to keep their students actively involved and to help students improve not only reading and writing skills, but speaking and listening skills as well. It is of vital importance for the teachers to have students speak in the target language as much as they can. It is important for them to find a learning methodology that works best for Kazakh students and provide a positive environment for mastering the English language quickly and effec...

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