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As humans we tend to categorize things to make them easier to understand and more relatable. Two broad categories that we have created to do this include art and science. By creating these two separate categories we tend to think that art and science can’t be combined or found within each other. However, this is not true, in Steve Martins, Picasso at the Lapin Agile; we are presented with two of the most highly intellectual men of the early 19th Century. In the play, Pablo Picasso (the artist) and Albert Einstein (the scientist) are seen together combining what they feel is “art.” They demonstrate that art takes multiple forms across different experiences and values.
Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientists in the world, who coined the idea the theory of relativity, is always seen as the modern day thinker, not an artist. However, we can consider his new age ideas of physics as art. In Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Martin’s portrayal of Einstein is one that leads us to believe that Einstein thought of himself to be an artist. As Picasso, one the most influential artist in the 20th Century, and Einstein are speaking, Picasso says, “[that his ideas are] ahead of the pencil only by minuets. One day, they will be simultaneous…if you can think it you can draw it” (Martin 33). Einstein replies that he understands what it feels like to have an idea so clear in his head (Martin 33). Einstein portrays that even though his works are primarily considered science, “sometimes he feels like an artist” (Martin 33). This proves that art can be anything; it just depends in the interpretation of the creator and the eye of the beholder. Here, Martin is attempting to show us that the arts are incorporated into virtually every field and are...

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...ferent social classes through his different characters. For example, Charles Schmendiman represented Elvis and his mass wealth and commercialism. While, Freddy is the middle class bar owner. We can see that Martin wants us connect the issues that people faced through art of someone as famous as Picasso.
All together Martin’s play Picasso at the Lapin Agile, used the high intellectuals of society at the time to express that art can be found in many forms. There was Picasso who painted the current problems in society, including social, political and economic ones. Then there was Einstein who used science to inspire other people to create forms of art. All that really matters is that the current society realizes that art can be combined with science, take multiple forms and can express various ideas, values, and can be connected all throughout the fields of knowledge.

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