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California is a beautiful state in the West Coast of the US. It is the most popular state in the US which is called the Golden State due to the rich, famous natural environment and the perfect weather. California is a land of sunshine, swimming pools and the Hollywood dream factory. Moreover, California is indicated differently by Anh Do in “My little Saigon” and Firoozeh Dumas in “Bienvenidos a Newport Beach”. Although both essay is written about California, about their new home, but location, lifestyle, and writer’s characteristic are the differences between Do’s essay and Dumas’s essay.
The first difference between Do’ essay and Dumas’s essay is location. In “My little Saigon”, Do describes her new life at Westminster city, a city which is located at the north-west end of Orange County, Southern California. It is “a bedroom community in Orange County” ( Do 159). Westminster city is incorporated in 1957 which is bordered by other neighbor cities such as Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Midway and Fountain Valley. At first, the city, which is found as a temperance colony, was established by Presbyterian Reverend, Lemuel P. Webber. In 2012, the population of the city was 91,377 and the percentage of White, Asian and Hispanic or Latino are 35.7%, 47.5%, 23.6% respectively (census.gov). Overtime, a lot of Vietnamese refugees came to the city in the 70s and 80s and resided at this place. There is a large popular area, which attracts many Vietnamese people, is called Little Saigon, “a cultural and commercial hub for four hundred thousand Vietnamese scattered across Southern California” (Do 161). Due to a residency of many Asian, especially Vietnamese, the construction and the development of the city are affected by Southeast Asian Cu...

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...le are white so people rarely talk to each other due to personal privacy. Moreover, the Association always restricts and decides everything with a bunch of rules. Dumas’s family always has to follow the regulations of the community such as doing nothing with the exterior of the house, following the pool’s rules.
The difference in both writers’ characteristic also separates them. Do is a helpful, friendly and grateful person. In “my little Saigon”, Do’s family even shares their home with other families who came from Vietnam though her family “could not afford a house in 1978” (Do 160). In addition, her gratefulness can be seen when she always remember about her old home, Vietnam. As Do stated that “when I’m inside the market, smelling that familiar smell of fresh fish and fish sauce, I don’t think I’ve ever left Vietnam. Her soul lives here, same with mine” (Do 162)

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