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In this case, there are 3 scenarios that discuss the options that Fred, the mechanical engineer, has in the case of the model 1 pulverizer. In this paper, these 3 scenarios are to be examined and analyzed based on their ethical and legal viability.
In the first scenario, Fred decides to remodel the pulevizer in an affordable manner without the knowledge of his team mates. In this line of action, Fred feels his duty towards his consumers and his obligation to do the right thing by not causing any harm. This is an illustration of the deontological or duty ethics. If Fred decides to pursue this scenario, his boss may reward him for his action of remodeling with an affordable price point, or punish him for moving without his knowledge. His engineering team mates will defiantly react negatively to this situation due to the fact that they have been left out and not included in his decision. In proceeding with this action, Fred follows the concept of utilitarianism in doing the most good for the most number of people, the consumers. Doing so would mean that Fred will meet his obligation t...

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