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Why is delegfation so necessary to the success of a business and why is it so difficult to carry out?

Delegation is one of the most important tools in the management without the concern of what business the company is in. Delegation is described as act of passing the responsibility from the person who is superior to the subordinate. The subordinate becomes a delegate who will carry out certain tasks given by the delegator. The delegate is determined to fulfill the duties given, although the delegator remains fully responsible for the work delegated, acts of delegate and final outcome. The act of delegating the power to subordinate is hard process which is treated with great respect and precision from the side of delegator.
The particular organization might notice the expansion and carrying out some everyday duties might become difficult task to do for one person who is the head of the organisation. The delegation saves valuable time and the supervisor will have more space to take care of other duties that require more attention than the others. The supervisor makes sure that some important tasks won´t be overlooked or underestimated at the expense of less important tasks. For example, the company selling the used cars is successfull and the owner would like to open two more stores in different cities in order to raise profits and expand. The idea of expanding in reality would become impossible task for the owner to have total control over all departments in different cities so the delegation is a vital decision. The owner would choose qualified and reliable people and pass down the authority to his subordinates to control some departments of the organization while the supervisor/owner of the company would remain responsible for s...

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...even willing to do so even though the circumstances are pushing him to delegate. Some supervisors compete with subordinates even though they are not aware of it. The fear of passing down the responsibility, lack of trust in others and desire to take control of everything is one of the hardest things in the organization and threat to the effective long-term teamwork.
To summarize, the delegation is necessary act which helps the company to adjust stability on the market. The most effective feature of the delegation is time saving which opens up focus on more important tasks. The company who delegates becomes attractive for employment because the employees are given the chance to get experience and motivates them to reach certain goals. Certainly, the delegation is a proof of supervisor´s ability to run the business successfully and the act of trust in subordinates.

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