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We often say there is no love other than mothers love but the character of Duchess conflict that. Duchess of York is very vague character, confused in way and mother of monstrous. She seems very patient with Richard III at the being of the play; nonetheless explore her hatred at the end of the play. She is a widowed mother, of Clarence, King Edward IV and Richard III. Duchess of York has very bad relationship with her son due to his erroneous action during the play, Richard has committed crimes, and killed the closest people to him and others just to achieve kingdom and be next in the throne. In order for Duchess to be a good mother to Richard III she has to remain patient, hide her pain toward him in the eye of public, and avoid to curse him. Duchess officially turns against her son publicly which is dreadful, yet at end she cursed Richard to die by God’s Just ordinance, which is hard as mother to do, however Richard seems to earn it for doing horrible things. “No, by the Holly Rood, thou know’st it well. A grievous burden was thy birth to me; Tetchy and wayward was thy infancy; Thy schooldays frightful, desp’rate, wild, and furious; Thy prime of manhood daring, bold, and venturous; Thy age confirmed, proud, subtle, sly, and bloody; More mild, but yet more harmful; kind in hatred. What comfortable hour cants thou name That ever graced me in thy company?” (4.4. 164) Its really heart breaking to Duchess of York to cures her son and she ends up doing it for the seek of everybody else wellbeing. He seems that he attracts anyone that comes on his way to become a King he seems to be beast and evil in the way of mercless killing is brother Clarence its horrific acts he is doing. Indeed, Queen Margaret has so much hate for Richard, fo... ... middle of paper ... ...ily members because of Richard III killed them. I believe she is contribute to the large meaning of the play, because she cures Richard who is the main character in the play and after she cures him he dies in fight with Richmond. Over all Duchess of York and Queen Margaret achieved revenge and from the Evil Richard at the end he got what he deserved because what you do is what you get. It was such an amusing play: The Duchess of York. Act Four is a total of five scenes and each play is just as entertaining as the other I personally enjoyed reading, although it was little confusing at the beginning of the play but it became easy to read at the end I would totally recommend this play to anyone who is interesting to read about Richard III. ☺ Work cited The Norton Shakespeare: Based on the Oxford Edition (Second Edition) (Vol. 1: Early Plays and Poems) by Shakespeare
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