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Now that the second semester of senior year is approaching, I am faced to make the life altering decision to go to college and pick a major for a future occupation of my choice. Ever since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to help other people in my future, may it be doing someone’s taxes or helping feed every malnourished and starving kid in the world. However, I have found two very great careers that I am actually interested in doing until the end of time. The first career is a Veterinarian, being a Veterinarian may not be helping other humans, but helping their beloved family pet. The second career is being a Magistrate, being a Magistrate one needs to be adept.
Choosing to be a Veterinarian I have realized that they are extraordinary people because they pugnacious about the safety and well-being of an animal. Becoming a Veterinarian is hard work because they have to go to school for for four years, but getting into Veterinarian is hard because it is every competitive (“Veterinarian.” Top). When becoming a Veterinarian they first have to learn how to operate a bunch of equipmen...

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