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There exists an overwhelming amount of people on Kiva who are requesting funds for their loan. When reading each individual’s profile it can be rather difficult to choose only one person to which to loan, for each individual seeks the loan to better their lives or the lives of their children. In order to help myself narrow down the list of individuals seeking help, I created a list of preferences of who I was to give the loan. My requirements were that the borrower be a female seeking to help her children obtain a higher education. Upon deciding my requirements I was finally able to find the person to whom I desired to give a loan. The chosen individual was Nara from Cambodia of the Kampon Speu Province. Nara is a 43-year-old woman who sought a person use/vehicle loan. The loan is to go to the purchase of a motorbike for her children to help them commute to school. Nara lives with husband and two children. She has been working for a garment factory for more than two years, earning about three dollars a day. Nara’s husband works in construction, earning about eight dollars a day. The loan that Nara requested was for $1,500 from which she would be able to buy her children a motorbike and thus help her children get more easily to school, as well as reduce transportation costs. Nara hopes to eventually expand into the construction business and her children earn their Bachelor’s degrees. Should Nara’s dream come true, not only will it be a move forward for her children but for Cambodia as well. Cambodia is located in Southwestern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, and in-between Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. The Kingdom of Cambodia is believed to have descended from the Angkor Empire, an empire that once extended over Southwest As... ... middle of paper ... ...nt parts of the world. Before learning about microfinance, I believed charity was the only way with which I could assist other individuals. I learned that assisting other does not have to only involve giving to others, as charity does, but it can involve a loan to people in need who in the long run will gain confidence and a sense of responsibility. The difference between charity and microfinance is that charity works as a short term solution to a problem in which the donor gives assistance freely to the recipients. Microfinance on the other hand serves as a long term plan that creates confident and independent individuals through the loans they receive from lenders. Perhaps the most important thing that I learned was that no matter how far a person lives, what language they speak, or what religion they practice are people who share the same hopes and dreams as us.

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