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Devotion is known as the practicing of ones religion through prayer or through private worship. During the Medieval Period the development of Sikh and Islamic Traditions became an increased emphasis on devotionalism. The impact emphasized on many devotional ideas and is seen through Sufism and the Bhakti movement. Through South Asia there are many strong believers who focus on their religion show their piousness in and outside of religious temples or mosques. Sikh tradition as well as the Islamic tradition which show a very pious culture and some different traditions from Hinduism that have effects among devotionalism. The Sikh traditions stated by Mittal and Thursby states “ is rooted in a particular religious experience, piety, and culture” (131). Religious belief is a major part of culture and during the beginning of these religions in the medieval period devotionalism and how one displayed their piety. With Sikhism one can see piety through the five pillars of Islam through their physical looks and the basic teachings of Guru’s. Devotionalism is also seen through the Bhakti movement, which is closely related to Islamic Sufism, which appeared around the same time: both advocated that a personal expression of devotion to God is the way to become at one with him. Although there are some differences through these traditions brings out an impact onto devotionalism within the medieval period and onwards till today.
Sikhism has very many traditions that display devotionalism within the religion. Within the Sikh religion there are 3 pillars that are to be followed as outlined in the BBC blog Shik Religion; The pillars are separated into specific sections, the social, the spiritual and the charitable. The first of the three pillars i...

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...he follow of these and the worship of Allah they are devoted to meditation and prayer. Sufism shows how during the mediaeval period that
Subsequently Islamic tradition is very devoted to religion and the multiple customs to show how much religion is part of the culture. Also these religions affect Hinduism and how people of the Hindu religion have values and beliefs, which influenced by Islamic, Sikh religion and Sufi and bhakti movement to have devotional ideas to their religion. Creating very high amounts of Hindu people within the religion whom follow the religion, some may stray and show devotion in their own forms to become closer with God. It is seen through Hinduism using piety and beliefs of praying for deities that Islamic tradition and Sikh tradition Sufism and Bhakti movement have made religious devotion into its own to show their devotion to their Gods.
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