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In the story titled "The Thing Invisible" Carnacki was asked to investigate the mystery behind the incident that happened at the chapel. A dagger hit the old butler on his chest when he was about to get the Rector's prayer book in the chapel. Unfortunately the dagger injured the butler, and nearly killed him. Everyone was shocked about the incident and the mystery behind it. The dagger was normally hung above the altar in the chapel at night and removed in the morning. Carnacki was able to find out there was no unusual mystery behind the incident as many people believed it to be a supernatural force rather that someone was responsible for it. He noted that Sir Alfred Jarnock lives in the building near the chapel and he has always set the trap to protect his late wife’s jewelries and treasures. But, he had forgotten about the dagger and did not remove it in the morning. Based on that act, the dagger fell and hit the butler.
I do not think that Carnacki did the right thing by not disclosing the findings to the public because people will still think there was a mystery behind what happened at the chapel. Disclosing the finding could have end people’s suspension and fear that there was supernatural force in the chapel that hit people. Carnaki should have make it clear to them it was not an intentional act. Sir Alfred had always removed the dagger in the morning, but on that fateful day, he forgot to and it struck the butler. Sir Alfred usually forgets events and things, due to old age and the chronic condition affecting his memory. Sir Alfred should have apologize to the butler and give him money for treatment. Keeping quite in this case is not the right thing to do no matter the statuses of the people involved....

... middle of paper ... will be a safe place to live in without favoritism and bias. People should not always rebuke the poor when they commit offences, yet celebrate with the rich when they commit offences rather than inform the available authorities about it. No matter how influential someone is in the society, nobody is above the law.
Carnacki should have let people know the truth especially the butler and explained to him to keep it secret because they don’t want other people to know in order to protect Sir Alfred reputation. Then it is left for the butler to ask Sir Alfred to pay for his medical expense and compensate him for all his troubles or to charge Sir Alfred to court if he wishes. It will show that they have respect for the butler no matter his status in the community. So, it does not seem like Carnacki is trying to protect Sir Alfred and his family.
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