heath care system

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In the United States today there is an epidemic in heath care costs and medical benefit coverage not covering all a patients need; leaving victims with large medical expenses. Today raising cost of heath care has effected the lower middle class tens of thousands in debt that lead them to bankruptsy; but resent laws passed by the Bush administration (undoubtedly lobbied by hospitals boards) making it nearly impossible for people in the middle class to file chapter 7 bankrupsy that starts them off with a clean start. Instead forcing them to file for chapter 13 that involves large sum of money be produced in *5 yrs with penalties ranging to imprisonment if the debtors defaults on payment. President Bush in a speech on the topic said people have to take responsibility and pay there debt. In this move he completely ignores the rapidly growing problem with the heath care system and appeases the insurance companies and the hospitals by forcing patients to extraordinarily high cost for procedures and my belief that they have patients go through unnecessary treatments to help hospitals combat their raising costs of insurance (only back my personal experience). It is a system of capitalistic heath care and the patients are the one's losing their money to make the rich richer at the expense of quality (or at least effective) heath care to the masses. ...
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