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Statistics have shown that over forty million Americans lack health care insurance, and as a result, constitutes a problem for the rest of society. In the book, “Uninsured in America”, Rushika, a physician in health policy and Susan, an anthropologist, both studied the issues that lead to why these individuals in the U.S do not obtain health care insurance. People who have higher health expenses are forced towards on particular health plan. These higher expenses are associated with people who are considered the sick. The pre-existing health conditions of the patients causes premiums and out-of-pocket costs to increase, and sets a toll for the more healthier people, who are more eligible for more options, to leave the health plan. This problem creates a spiraling cycle into bankruptcy of companies and leave people dying, because an increase amount of the sick are left uninsured and without healthcare treatment. The relationship between employment and healthcare has been a huge barrier with getting out of the death spiral, because the nature of employment has changed globally and benefits are decreasing more and more each day for employees. Jobs are no longer a safety net for getting healthcare coverage, because of rises in health insurance costs. Since fewer people are able to stay with the same employer for many years, jobs are no longer providing health benefits, they are often faced with having to pay for a more expensive insurance plan or are not eligible for an affordable health arrangement. Rushika and Susan set out to meet different men and women of all races and class standing, who were uninsured throughout the US to answer the big question, “what does the fact that more than forty million Americans lack reasonable access t... ... middle of paper ... ...ling of invincibility, and in the long run, are unable to access healthcare for future concerns. During the times young people are in school or finishing school, they are unable to find jobs that allow them to be able to be provided with health benefits, because most jobs their in, are classified as part time, temporary, or substitute, in which health insurance is not available. Due to the rapid increase of insurance and high deductibles, young adults forego the idea of getting insurance. For this group, most insurance companies cut young people off their parents insurance plans. Since most of them are in school or obtaining just part time jobs, being able to afford healthcare is not usually an option, in which young adults lose that safety net of being treated for health issues early on in life, so they can eventually be able to access affordable health insurance.
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