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Hamlet is one of the most intriguing and perplexing characters ever created. Some people see Hamlet as a witty, heroic and brave while others see him as irrational, corrupt and cowardly. To me, what makes Hamlet so intriguing is that he has all of these characteristics. He ends up being relatable to every reader because the reader tends to somewhat understand Hamlet on a personal level at different points in the book. What makes Hamlet so confusing is that he seems to change every time we read about him. One moment he’s melancholy and the next he’s cheerful. One moment he’s vengeful and the next he’s compassionate. Hamlet is such a complete character that the relationship we have with him changes every single time we visit him. You just never know what Hamlet is going to do next. Will he get revenge on Claudius or will he let him be? The readers are instilled with great intrigue of the character that is Hamlet.
At first when the reader meets Hamlet, he is mourning over his father’s death and vows to avenge it. As the play goes along, the reader notices that the story isn’t really just about avenging his father’s death. The play is mainly focused on Hamlet’s inner struggle to take action. In the beginning of the story when Hamlet is talking to the ghost of his father he says, "Speak; I am bound to hear." It is Hamlet’s duty to listen to his father’s spirit. The ghost says that it is Hamlet’s duty to avenge his father’s death: "So art thou to revenge, when thou shalt hear.” Soon after that, the ghost says the exact same message, but with more emphasis. The ghost says that if Hamlet ever truly loved his father, Hamlet will "revenge his foul and most unnatural murder.” Hamlet promises to show his love for his dead father by killing t...

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...y when he was praying. Hamlet’s death is neither disgraceful not heroic. Hamlet ends up getting his revenge his revenge on Claudius but in the worst possible way. His revenge ultimately lead to himself and his mother dying alongside Claudius. In the end, Hamlet is a victim of his own cowardliness and trepidation.
To me, Hamlet is the perfect model of a tragic hero. He becomes trapped within his thoughts throughout the story and overthinks the smallest things, yet he is the one who brings about his own downfall. I think Hamlet should have just killed Claudius when he saw him praying. Hamlet was incredibly intelligent, but he still made some really brash and unintelligent decisions that ended up costing him in the end. In the end, Hamlet ended up being a flawed individual who just wanted to get revenge on his father’s murderer, but who ultimately died in the process.
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