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There are three appearances of the ghost in the play Hamlet, each occurrence a pivotal part in the consequential development of Shakespeare's play. The third occurrence significantly differs from the rest, in that it pushes an idea of the ghost being partially a figure of Hamlets own mind.
The first present tense appearance of the ghost occurs at the wall of the castle Elsinore when the castle guards Marcellus and Bernardo bring Horatio to their watch. Marcellus and Bernardo have previously seen the ghosts two times. Yet, they brought over Horatio, a close friend of Hamlet, as they wanted to see if the ghost of which looked very similar to Hamlets father, would speak to him. As Horatio approached he was skeptical that the ghost would appear. As it mentions in the text :“Tush, tush, ’twill not appear.’. (Act 1, Scene i). The ghost did appear, and Horatio notes the fact that the late Hamlet is wearing armor from a past battle and states he will retrieve Hamlet the next day to go see the ghost. Horatio previously learning about a invasion by the army of Fortinbras, in addition to other current events, concludes that the ghost has an urgent matter, he thinks the ghost may be a sign of a a bad fate for Denmark.

In the second appearance (Act 1 scene 4) Hamlet is with Horatio, Bernardo and Marcellus. The Ghost asks hamlet to follow him. Horatio, who is cautious warns Hamlet not to do so. Hamlet disobeys and follows the ghosts commend. As it shows in the text:
”it’s my fate calling me. Every nerve in my body is now as tough as steel. The ghost is still waving me over. Let me go, gentlemen. (Act 1 scene 4. line 89)
The ghost than speaks, revealing that he is the spirit of his father and is in a sort of “purgatory”. The ghost reve...

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...t. This absence of conversation allows an idea of the ghost being real but some of the conversations and instructions given from the ghost just being a figure of hamlets own conscious and thoughts. Additionally, on the other side of the spectrum, the last appearance could have been a complete enactment in Hamlets mind proving he did in fact go mad.
Throughout the play, the ghost helps develop the storyline. The ghost allows Shakespeare to open up the play with suspense and foreshadow a doomed fate for Denmark. In the second appearance Hamlet told firsthand about his fathers murder. Hamlet is also given instructions to seek revenge and kill claduious. In the third appearance, the ghost is unseen by Gertrude. This develops ideas including Hamlet actually going mad, or a proof of a the ghosts instruction to hamlet being no less than Hamlets own thoughts and ambitions.
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