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A major debate discussed frequently in today’s society is whether or not the death penalty is the right thing to punish those who have committed heinous crimes. While some states have allowed the death penalty to be used in certain cases, others have outright removed it as a choice. Why is this debate important? As American citizens we need to make a decision of what is the best way to deal with criminals. Is it better to execute them or incarcerate them? This paper will discuss the pros and cons of the death penalty and my personal view regarding this matter.
On one hand, proponents of the death penalty believe that it will deter crime. One of the authors in the book that we have been using in class, Louis Pojman, argues that the fear of the death penalty can cause criminals and soon-to-be criminals from committing any sort of heinous crime. Today, the legal teams representing criminals on death row usually try to stall the execution as long as they can. Referring to the criminals, Pojman says, “they fear death more than life in prison” (Pojman 142). Once a criminal is locked up, their freedom is lost, but it is still not as extreme as losing their life to the death penalty. In prison, criminals are still living and breathing; they can get out on parole and wait until the day they are able to leave and live freely. Proponents believe that killing these criminals will reduce crime and make sure that the criminals will never commit a monstrous crime again. Many prisoners who are out on parole can take advantage of their release and actually cause more crimes and danger. But if the criminals are put on death row, it also sets an example for others and may prevent petty criminals from moving on to more serious crimes.
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...ices, instead of being used for the death penalty. The better alternative is life without parole, not the death penalty. Death is swift, but a prison sentence lasts for years.
We need to let go of the past and let go of the barbaric punishments. We are in the year 2014, not the 1800’s. The death penalty is violating our 8th amendment, and it is technically violating our rights as Americans. We have the right to remain innocent until proven guilty, but in some cases the death penalty can automatically accuse someone of being guilty, and just like that, someone could lose their life due to injustices.
By still having the death penalty the U.S is still looked down upon since we are abusing human rights with the death penalty. Many other countries in Western Europe, North America and South America have abandoned the death penalty in their criminal justice system.
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