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On Thursday, December 5, I saw a play called “The Woman in Black” written by Susan Hill and Stephen Mallatratt, presented by ABA Productions in association with PW Productions Ltd (UK) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (APA). The production started at 8 and finished around 10 o’clock. When I was inside the Lyric Theatre, people were already sitting down and reading the program. Phones were forbidden in the theatre. The genre of the production is based on a ghost, horror and hypothetical fiction story. The plot was about a man who hired a young actor to help manuscript his own story turned out to be true. The story was being told about a woman who wore black and haunts deaths of children. Generally, the impression of the performance gave me was unique because I never saw a play that had an interesting plot, having themselves acting in third or fourth person. In addition, comparing to other theatrical performances, I have watched a musical called “Cats” and it combined songs, spoken dialogues, acting and dancing. Comparing to “The Woman In Black”, it was more of a dancing musical, which included: jazz, ballet, rock, pop and the target audience are for younger children which “The Woman In Black” are not suitable them. The intentions and challenges for the play was they could only have the maximum of four actors. Because the playwright, Stepthen Mallatratt was low on budget for the theatre. Robin Herford, the director who ran the theatre, wasn't given a big budget for the production. So, he told Mallatrat to have the maximum of four actors and the minimum of sets. At the end, Mallatratt used the smallest amount of set and said that imagination does everything in the play. I believe his intentions were successfully achie... ... middle of paper ... ...e in my experience, I didn’t predict that the woman in black would be a real person in the play and she wasn't listed on the catalogue. Also, if someone near you screamed or frightened, naturally you will get affected too. To summarize the play, I personally liked the thriller; spooky feeling and not knowing when will the women in black come into sight. I did felt a bit engaged by the two actors, who told the story like it was meant for us. The overall impression was I am definitely impressed on their creativity of the play. I wouldn't have thought of using sounds of horses and moving around like were on a horse can create an image in the audience’s head. If I had read the play before I saw the production, I would have added more actors to it and having an easier job for the main characters: the actor and Kipps because they kept on switching into different people.

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