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Computer hackers in today’s world are becoming more intelligent. They are realizing that people are constantly developing more hack proof systems. This presents the hackers with a bigger challenge and a bigger thrill. The government is realizing this and is working on making harsher laws to, hopefully, scare away potential hackers. With the increase in hacking and the hackers intelligence, governmental regulation of cyberspace hasn’t abolished the fact that it’s nearly impossible to bring a hacker to justice.

Hackers do not have consequences because of the laws that the government has passed. Most hackers are good enough to cover their backs, and their trails, and phone calls. If a hacker is caught, he or she can face a long jail sentence. Unfortunately, they do not spend a long jail sentence. It is extremely hard to determined how to penalize a hacker. First we need to determined if this crime has effected anyone, and whether or not this crime has caused damages and loss of money to the victim. What it comes down to is the age of the hacker, I feel that their age should not be taken into consideration. Because hacking is extremely difficult to accomplish, so the hacker has knowledge of what he or she is doing. Hacking is extremely complicated crime to commit, it takes years to learn to how to hack correctly. When one hacks for pleasure or for profit they should both have the same con...
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