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Superman, firemen, and nurses are just some of the modern day heroes people admire and look up to today. However, this phenomena of heroes is not only an occurrence of our time, people have always held heroes in high esteem. Heroes are often those people that embody in their actions the ideals and good attributes of their people. Two great heroes of old to whom two of the most famous poems “the odyssey “and “Beowulf” are dedicated, are Odysseus and Beowulf. Both of these famous figures are a reflection of their people’s concept of heroism, a concept though slightly differing from one people to another is also extremely similar in many ways. A virtuous trait common among heroes in both the modern and old ages, is that of courage. To stand up to that which is fearful and overcome it for a good cause has always been an applauded action. In the opening lines of Beowulf the people’s favorable sentiments towards courage as a great heroic deed are evident. So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by ...

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