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By Darlene Ortiz on Jan 14, 2014 1:14 AM The short story "Once More to the Lake," by E.B. White, is a first person narrative account of the sylvan, aqueous ambiance - with its concomitant visual and olfactory stimuli- that enthralls the protagonist as a child and again as an adult. Youthful exuberance, curiosity, an impressionable mind and an extraordinary gift for sensation and recollection have given the narrator a unique ability to bond with nature, cohesion so strong that the linguistic descriptors border upon veneration and apotheosis. For the narrator, the natural setting is analogous to a cathedral. Given that the locale is also on the periphery of society proper, one may infer that the narrator internally and externally transcends customary experiences through semi-solitary intercourse with Nature, a heretofore pedestrian manifestation elevated to a higher metaphysical status by virtue of subjectively-created consequence. Just as some worship God, the narrator worships his environs. As a father and adult, the narrator returns with his son to this erstwhile refuge after a le...
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