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After watching a herd of buffalo respond to a crisis on a video segment called "The Battle at Kruger,” I realized group cohesion was perfectly illustrated by a herd of buffalo. In the video, the buffalo are grazing in a field. Lying in wait is a pride of lions. As with most predatory species, the lions look for the best opportunity for food. When the buffaloes first happen upon the lions, their initial instinct is to scatter or respond individually. That’s when the baby buffalo becomes vulnerable when the lions pounce. The lions overtake the baby and bring it down. To make matters worse, the lions trap the baby near a body of water where crocodiles lurk. Now it becomes a battle between the lions and the crocodile for who is having dinner. The pride of lions emerges victorious over the crocodile and gets the baby buffalo back. However, the most amazing thing happens, the herd comes back for its own. As the video clip progresses, the viewers in the background keep exclaiming, "You're too late! You're too late!" It's a lion ‘dog’ pile on top of one defenseless young buffalo and all hope seems lost. But the herd demonstrates cohesion and comes back for the baby with a few brave ones confronting the lions directly. The baby does his part and struggles to get free and runs for safety to the middle of the herd. What seemed like an impossible situation becomes one of great victory. This is one instance where having a “herd mentality” can be a good thing. If buffalo can come together cohesively and perform well under extreme circumstances, surely people can, too. The purpose of this paper is to explore how cohesion forms and how it affects performance.
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...before, group cohesion can’t be forced, so researchers suggest asking for evidence-based results when consultants offer team-building exercise as a quick fix to promote cohesion. More suggestions are the importance in defining the purpose for the group, making sure members are selected based on skillset, and promoting group quality time.
In conclusion, team cohesion is still a difficult concept to pin down, but I believe the definition is a multi-faceted one where many factors to contribute to group cohesion. In addition, it is my belief that conflict or performance of an objective can either create cohesion or a stronger group bond. However team cohesion is achieved by the organization, it is how well the team contributes to the overall good of the group that the better the group will perform, which in turns has a positive effect on overall organizational goals.

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