greatest threat to the country/Mad cow disease

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greatest threat to the country/Mad cow disease
Mad cow disease (also called BSE) is getting social attention recently in U.S, I had never heard that term when I was a child. It was first time in mid-1980 that illness was out break in the England. People afraid the mad cow disease, because if people infected there is no cure for the patient. I think the mad the cow disease is real threat for the U.S, because people eat a lot of beef. For example, American?fs favorite the McDonald?fs Big Mac is made from beef. In the supermarket beef has larger area than any other meats, or seafood. Also the U.S is a one of the world largest beef exporter to the world.
Mad cow disease could infect both human, and animal even our housedog, or cat could infect. Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease is caused by mad cow disease. If they infected their brain became like a spongy, because disease eat the brain. Those cause of the memory loss, and finally people couldn?ft maintain their physical activities. In Europe already about more than 120 people died caused by the mad cow disease. And there are not sure how many people are already infected. More people may die caused by the mad cow disease in the future.
We cannot see, or easily check which cow is infected. I think that is most fearful fact.?@If we want to test on the cow, we have to kill, and check the inside of the brain tissue. I don?ft think it will be possible all cow before they send to the market. Because it takes too many costs, and time if we ch...
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