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Martin Luther King changed the world because he had a dream. Simply by sharing his dream and believing in its possibility, he altered the course of the nation. If the current powers in government could work for the people and believe in the strength of individual dreams, the economic crisis could become the nations past, rather than its continued future. Too many people have lost their jobs while food and utility prices have continued to rise. With or without fallout from the “credit explosion” of the 1990’s, the high unemployment rates and steady cost of living increases were bound to create bank failures due to a large number of foreclosures. President Obama’s stimulus package was intended to create jobs and avert much of the crisis, but the majority of the stimulus funds have not yet been disbursed and it will be several more years before its true effects will even be measurable. That stimulus package may be helping local governments and public schools to improve their infrastructure over the next two or three years, but it is not saving a single family that is facing imminent foreclosure. However, there is a vast amount of both grant and stimulus money that has already been made available by the government and has not yet been allotted to a specific entity. This money could be distributed more equitably and strengthen America in the long term. According to, as of December 26, 2009, there were 2063 open grant opportunities – but only 20 of these grants were open to individuals. That means that less than 1% of all grants listed on one of the largest grant search websites have been made available to help individuals and 99% of the grant money listed is to be awarded to local governments, established r... ... middle of paper ... ... Once upon the time, the government was run by the people, for the people. One look at will show you that people have largely been supplanted by big business and lobbyists. We are a proud nation and few of our citizens want to continually rely on welfare. Yet many are forced to continue to rely on welfare as they cannot rely upon employment. As the struggle to rebuild the economy of America continues, the government should realize the value of stimulating the creativity and possibilities that lie within the hearts of American citizens. The reallocation of grant and stimulus funds to allow for distribution to any individual willing to pursue a dream is a logical first step in equitable distribution of funds already available. Our government needs to once again provide for the people and begin to restore the nation on a stable foundation of American dreams.

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