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Most people when they here Dharavi, Mumbai, Indian think of Slumdog Millionaire. The reason why they think of Slumdog is the fact that it just came out a few years ago. In the movie it depicts Dharavi as one of the poorest slum in the world. After further research Dharavi is not poor at all, which I will explain later on. As for my other city I choose Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro since they are hosting the World Cup this summer and they are hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic too.

Dharavi is more in the city but not in the center of Mumbai. From what it looks like the surrounding area seems to be a little bit better since there is some room between houses; whereas the people in Dharavi are literally on top of each other. There is little to no room in-between the houses. There was no planned when the people started constructing their houses besides a few high-rise apartments that in the Northwest section. There are two roads that cut through Dharavi with a few that branches off the main road. According to the dairy of a white Indian household “There are 60 municipality schools, four secondar...
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