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Google Inc. is an American originated multinational technology industry leader in providing online information to the world, and has the ability of providing the requested information in over 100 different languages. Google Inc. corporate headquarters is located in Mountain View, California. Google Inc. is respected as one of the top four influential technology industry leaders due to the massive size of the corporation, and large product & service it has made available to consumers.(cite /Hosch& Hall/ Encyclopedia of britanica) Google is currently known as the largest search engine in the world. (cite/google company site)

Background / History of the Company - DeShawna (DRN)

Google Inc. was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while attending post-graduate school working toward their Doctorate degrees at Stanford University. The idea of Google search engine originated from a school project they were assigned in which they created their first search engine that had the ability to determine the significance of individual webpages using URL links. The name of the original search engine they created in 1996 was called “BackRub.” After completion of “BackRub” Larry and Sergey began to create another search engine while sitting in their dorm room and named it Google. The name Google originated from a mathematical term that describes the number one followed by one hundred zeros known as “googol.” After consulting with the founder of Yahoo, David Filo, who started his company only a short time before, Larry and Sergey decided to move forward with introducing their product to the public and began searching for an investor. The two presented their idea to the Sun Microsystems co-founde...

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...e sales online advertising using an operating system they created what is known as Adwords. (cite/reuters online) Adwords is a self-service program for creating online ad campaigns. This was Google’s first advertising product, and it has evolved to include display, mobile & video ads, and the original form of simple text. (cite/ More recently the organization decided to extend their spectrum of services to include the use of Motorola Mobility which gave them the ability to sell physical hardware in the form of mobile phones.(cite/Hosch& Hall/ Encyclopedia of britanica) Google Inc. now has 70 locations around the world with a total of 46,162 employees. (cite/google site location tab & financial 2013 tab) With every passing day Google continues to strive toward staying aligned with its mission to make online information universally accessible.
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