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Employees at SAS Institute are encouraged to take risk. As one employee in technical support says, “We can try anything within reason here.” The key reason that people work at SAS is because of the challenging work. The work environment is resource rich so that employees are given what they need in order to do their jobs. When a company treats its employees well, the employees are more likely to treat the company well. All the benefits make the people much more committed because they are a part of the company.

SAS Institute is a flat organization that consists of four layers between the bottom and the CEO. Goodnight has a large number of direct reports. Goodnight believes that managers should be more of a leader, a resource and a referral and not a delegate. People at SAS are known to move in and out of management because some people do not like the manager role. It is an opportunity to serve not a status symbol. He is the principal driver but his direct reports play key roles. Goodnight believes that executives at SAS promote the culture through example. Goodnight is very involved in the details of the organization. He gives his direct reports clear direction of where he wants the business to go and then lets them run their own areas. Goodnight believes that he should be involved with the product line on a daily basis and ttys to spend 50 percent of his time programming. He is a leader that gathers inputs from his direct reports, listens and makes decisions quickly. Leaders play a critical role in creating a positive work place. The flat structure of the organization allows employees to feel close to the top of the company which instills the company values. The company believes that a good manager should be a leader and ...

... middle of paper ... met, employees will be satisfied. Hygiene needs focus on the physical and psychological aspects such as working conditions, supervision, and job security to satisfy those needs. SAS respects their employees and takes the necessary steps to make them satisfied at work. They try to give their employees as many comforts as they can so that the employees are happy.

SAS is a company that focuses on its employees by supporting them. They have spent years perfecting a culture and work environment that supports their employees, encourages creativity and helps relieve day to day stress. They want SAS to be a great place to work where their employees feel valued. When employees feel good about the products they create, enjoy the people they work with and take pride in the company they work for, the company gains profitability and industry leading products and solutions.
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