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There is a place. Like no place on earth. A land full of secrets, dangers, and miracles. A land with enemies and heroes roaming around. There, will a hero rise. A hero that is going to bring peace back to the land, a hero with the bravery of a lion and a wise mind. A hero that no one will suspect. Here in phoenix is where the happening is going to occur. With the power of peacefulness, will the hero come through the magical door. ________________________________________________________________________________ It was a dark and stormy night. The gush of wind pushed the trees to their edges. The rain was extremely violent. You could hear the sound of water running through the road. Streetlights were blinking furiously. I went through the narrow street towards my house. The street was very long and there were thick trees covering the way. Suddenly, I heard something coming from behind me. I looked back. “Hello, is somebody there?” I shouted loudly at the top of my voice. It was eerily quiet. Not a single person could be seen from here. I continued to walk through the mysterious alleyway. I walk around the corner and saw a dead-end. Wasn’t this place opened before? I thought. Before I turned around, a door started to appear slowly. The door was really big and wide. It had a golden knob and had black and white stripes. I have never seen a door that big. I walked back slowly fearing what would have come out of that door. The door creaked quietly and bright light flashed through. It felt like I was going blind. Suddenly, something grasped my leg and pulled me towards the door. I looked at my feet to see what it was. There was nothing around my feet. I started to panic and tried to get out of the invisible grasp. The more I struggle... ... middle of paper ... ...y works if you need it for good. Mark shadow wanted it because he wanted to stop the bullying going around the land. Nevertheless, the more he used the cup, the more powerful he became, and soon he stared to kill all the peaceful people. Every year five men is set out to kill him and bring back the treasures and every year none of them returns. It says in the book of prophecy that a hero will come and bring peace to the land. The hero will have bright red eyes and have black hair with red stripes. That hero is you. You are the one, who is going to save us all. You have the power to defect mystery shadows and his wrongdoings. “What,” I bellowed loudly. You could hear the echoes throughout the forests. “What do you mean by ‘that hero is you’? It can’t be me! I’m just a normal girl who lives with her patents. I do not have red eyes and red stripes through my hair

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