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When you walk into your local grocery market it is hard not to notice the growing fad of organic products on the shelves, you can now purchase organic fruits, vegetables, poultry, meats, chips, ice cream and any product in between. Though organic and non-organic products may look identical, the difference lays hidden deep. In order for a farm to be dubbed organic, the farmers must follow strict guidelines set by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). The rule of thumb for organic farmers is to use “methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics” (USDA) on their produce and livestock. However, in non-organic products many chemicals are used in the production of vegetables, snacks, and meats. Scientists have developed unorthodox chemicals to keep pests away, enhance shelf life, and genetically modify products. As a regular consumer of organic foods, I feel much better knowing that I am not eating chemical filled foods, but natural foods; the way nature intended us to eat. With this being said, I strongly believe that consumers should only purchase organic products for they are healthier for the human body, greener for the environment, and humane towards animals.
Firstly, it can be said that organic foods are healthier on that grounds that they lack unnecessary chemicals found in non-organic foods. Besides the fact they lack excessive chemicals, one science experiment conducted found out that organic fruits actually have a higher vitamin and mineral content than non-organic fruits, for example, “organic foods have 21-percent more iron and 29-percent more magnesium than non-organic foods” (Crinnion). Vitamin C, which is a daily-recommended nutrient, w...

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...versus its competitor of conventional products. When you walk into your local grocery market, you see signs everywhere declaring that something is organic, but you never see signs hanging that this item is genetically modified. Why do you think that is? I say it is because bad advertisement, it is not really appealing to buy genetically modified foods or as some refer it to “Frankenstein food”. As a consumer of organic products I highly encourage others to jump on the bandwagon and put a stop to all of the unnecessary chemicals. Organic farming supports all aspect of life from the human body, environment, and animals. The USDA who checks up on certified organic farms regularly verifies that farmers are only using natural resources to enhance life, keep pest away, provide high quality products, and make sure animals are living their life the natural way.

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