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Quoting from one reliable source, “Outsourcing begins with an understanding of your business’s core identity. If you can understand your unique competitive advantage, you are positioned to consider what you are doing that others or third party could perform much better at reasonable cost for you”. The bottom line and main objective one can understand here is basically on the cost reducing factor.

When we discuss about outsourcing locally or globally, the subject matter can never be very much different and far away from what others are quoting. It is all about the benefits that could be earned from the outsourcing process. No firm or organization would do such process if the benefit is less to zero. Hence, there would definitely be some similarities on the ideas, facts, theory, points of view, suggestions and so on with regards to the topic. Perhaps, it’s only the way of writing and texting that could make it different and change the perspective.

Meantime, the terms “outsourcing” itself is a very subjective matter. The definition of outsourcing is very broad and it is sometimes not possible to define a clear dividing line as to determine whether an arrangements falls within the definition of outsourcing or not. In the literal sense, outsourcing denotes utilization of external resources. It could be in-kind of product, part, goods, service or even mankind. Outsourcing is sometimes also referred to as “subcontracting”. In Malaysia, outsourcing word is often related to labour industry particularly in the manufacturing, construction, maid or plantation fields. Significantly, it is always about a company that runs its core business by supplying manpower with or without skill or experiences to work in a certain particular industries. ...

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...n, while women go to manufacturing field such as in the electronic industry. When Bangladeshi is covering more on the palm oil plantation, Myanmar then are versatile in many areas. Since all of them usually brought in legally by and through an agency, the risk of losing worker apparently becomes lesser. They are bound by the agreement and sum of deposit as to avoid them from absconded problem. All these can never be applied to the local worker.

Manufacturing, construction and plantation industry have benefited very much through outsourcing manpower from abroad. They can easily get any number they wanted for the workers and yet they spend lower than what they suppose to pay for the local people. This advantage has helps developed the industry to be more competitive in the market. Meantime, the government earns more taxes from the levy imposed to the foreign workers.
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