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Martial Arts - Kung Fu Blocks and Punches
There are a variety of benefits associated with practicing Kung Fu and unlike any other sport, you can enjoy its benefit regardless f what age group you fall under. In the phrase Kong 'Fu', the Word 'Kung' stands for energy and the word 'Fu' stands for time. It's history goes as far back as 525 AD and is thought to have been first introduced to china by an Indian Monk somewhere between 505-555 AD. He had developed a set of '18 hand exercises' that he used to teach his disciple because he believed that by developing a physically strong body it would lead to increased discipline during meditation. By practicing Kung Fu you not only gain the benefit of becoming healthier physically, but also mentally, this is an overview of how to go about practicing your blocks and punches.

Before your begin practicing your punches it's highly recommended that you perform some basic stretching and warm-up techniques to reduce the chances of injury such as, i.e. muscle cramps, spasms, etc other form of upper body exercise you can use is push ups.
One exercise ...

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