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Did you ever have a feeling like when you are reading a book you can relate to another protagonist? Well that happen to me when I was reading the books “The Cather in the Rye” which was wrote by J.D Salinger and “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” which was wrote by Salman Rushdie. Both of these books had very interested protagonist. Holden Caulfield a flawed, adolescent and Haroun Khalifa and ideal alternate shares many similarities and differences.
Holden Caulfield is a pessimistic person who is always disconnected and cynical to everyone he meets in his life. Holden play life’s like a poker game because you don’t what move is he going to make next. If you can describe action he made was unwise decision. Holden had no purpose in his life and he didn’t care about the consequence for his action. After his brother Allie he had no point to life his life. In the book it says “I felt so lonesome, all of a sudden. I almost wish I was dead”. As I was reading the book I was wondering why he has a negative view of the world. Isn’t because of his brother dead that question will always be blank for everyone. When I was reading the book I was saying what kind of character is Holden a person who no strengths but English and his weakness are judging everyone he meets Holden acted like a child for his age he doesn’t really want to grow up. He thinks that when you grow you change and you would do anything for a couple bucks. In the book he says his brother DB who sells himself to Hollywood for the money. As Holden knows that he has to grow for the people he loves. Overall Holden is a very negative protagonist who doesn’t what he doing to his life but needs someone to guide to the path of peace
Haroun Khalifa is a determined person who us always...

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...Between Holden and Haroun the type of journey breaks them apart. With Holden he goes on a journey to escape his old life. But Haroun goes on a quest to find out the whereabouts of his mother. The second differences are their life. One can’t accept his past and wants it to disappear. The other can’t wait for his future to come because he predicts that it would make his life better. The final differences are how they accepted their life as the ending approaches. With Holden he finally admits that he has a mental problem and try’s to do something about but doesn’t promise anything about it. With Haroun he is fill with happiness because he’s finds out why his mother left him and he found a way to bring her back to his village and they live their life happy together. Holden and Haroun have their things in common but they do have some flaw but that what makes them unique.
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