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George W. Bush was the forty-third president of the United States, born to America’s forty-first president George Bush and raised in New Haven, Connecticut then moved to Midland, Texas where he spent his early years. He has five siblings, including his sister Pauline who died from leukemia at the age of four. After graduation from Philips Academy in Massachusetts, he attended Yale University, were he earned a bachelor’s degree in history. Upon completing school, he joined the Air National Guard, until being discharged in November 1974. After discharge, George W. Bush then attended graduate school, completing a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University. Two years later, he met his wife Laura and married in 1977 in Midland, Texas. Although the Bush family has a history within politics, George W. Bush worked in the oil industry and established a company called Arbusto Energy in 1977.
Few years later, after rekindling his Christian beliefs, he then moved to Washington, D.C and assisted his father in his presidential campaign. What led him to become a politician was influenced by his move to Washington D.C as well as his family’s history of public service. Because of his father’s political stance in the United States, George W. Bush ran in a political office to be a representative of the 19th district in Texas. Even though he lost to Kent Hance in 1994, George W. Bush ran again and was elected the 46th governor of Texas. This started his first success in politics, being the first in Texas history to complete a two consecutive four-year term.
The following year he announced himself as a candidate for presidency. On January 20th, 2001, he was announced president of the United States after...

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...own. After being re-elected president in 2005, Bush continued developing more humanitarian aid programs, including one most popular, Emergency Plan for AIDS relief (PEPFAR). Bush also provided effects in a global fight toward certain diseases such as Tuberculosis and Malaria. He also worked on preservation of monuments because of the attacks from September 11th, including national parks. One of his most notable accomplishments was reducing the violence in the Iraq war by his “surge” plan.
In conclusion, many may view George W. Bush in a negative light, focusing solely on failures as a president but he did have great accomplishments that helped. Such as, education, war and preserving our national monuments and habitats. Even now, post- presidency he continues to emphasize “education, global health, human freedom, and support on helping the military”.

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