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Pesticides in food from non-organic farms are one of the leading causes of cancer and many other disease and disabilities. This is one of the many reasons why organic farmed products are the smarter choice to buy. Organic farming is a form of agriculture that avoids the use of many unhealthy things that live stock farming does not. Organic farming does not use synthetic inputs such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, plant growth regulators, and live stock feed additives. Organic farming in Canada is a practice that should continue because it is safer for the environment, more profitable, and is also less disease prone.

The health of the environment is very important to Canadians and that is a very accurate reason as to why organic farming should continue to occur in Canada. The first main reason as to why this type of farming is healthier for Canada is because these farms avoid polluting the environment. One technique is to "close the loop" of the energy, carbon, nitrogen, water, and micro nutrient cycles. Another method that many organic farms use is called “farmscaping.” Farmscaping is the sculpting of the agricultural environment to attract helpful insects rather than bothers . These methods attempt to protect the environment and try not to part take in things that have negative impacts on the environment. Organic farming not only avoid polluting the environment they attempt to sustain it as well. A key element to sustainable farming is what is known as “nutrient cycling”. This means designing the farm so that key nutrients are periodically recycled into the soil, nutrients such as water, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous . Another benefit to organic farm...

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...ncy(CFIA) is responsible for monitoring organic foods to make sure that the Canadian standards are met. Canada should proceed to support organic farming because it is healthier for the Canadians choosing to eat it.

In Canada organic farming should continue taking place because it is healthier for the environment, Canadians profit from it and the food is also less disease prone. This form of agriculture prevents worsening the environment by minimizing its pollution as well as helping to sustain it. Not only do the farmers of these organic farms profit from this type of farming but so does the economy which benefits Canadians everywhere. The last benefit is that this type of farming is less disease prone, which means it is healthier then regular farming. In conclusion organic farming is constructive, healthy and beneficial and should continue to be used in Canada.
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