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Genetic engineering is and has been a controversial topic since it first

emerged in the 1920's. Before we can discuss genetic engineering, we must first

know what it is. Genetic engineering is the deliberate adding of genes to change

the genetic makeup of something. Genetically modified foods are often larger,

more resilient, and have more yield as opposed to traditional breeding. I

personally believe that genetic engineering is right morally.

One example of genetic engineering is bacteria and fungi resistant

potatoes. These potatoes are more resistant to the contamination of bacteria and

fungi, which can cause loss of crop. This was done by taking the gene that's

produces B1 in tree frogs, and inserting it into a potato embryo. By doing this,

scientist found an extremely broad range of bacteria normally found in potatoes

was not found on the genetically modified. There are currently no studies

showing that B1 causes any increased health risk in human. Due to there being

no research showing this product to be especially harmful, I find it to be

beneficial. This product could help many people in third world countries to save

their harvest from bacteria and fungi. I personally find nothing wrong with

genetically modified potatoes.

Another example of genetic engineering is enlarged salmon. These are

salmon that has been genetically engineered to grow at twice the normal rate,

making them larger. To create these large salmon, scientist took the DNA

sequences of a Pacific Chinook Salmon and an Ocean Pout. They then injected it

into a fertilized Atlantic Salmon egg. While there is currently alot of controversy

conserning these enlarged fish due to lack of research, I have not found any


... middle of paper ... contains a vaccine for hepatitis B. If they can do this with

hepatitis B, imagine what other things they could cure. One day the cure for

ovarian cancer may simply be a genetically modified watermelon containing a

vaccine. One common con to this is the health risk. There is currently no

significant research showing that genetically modified food is any more harmful

then any other food.

Genetic engineering is, and probably always will be a highly controversial

topic. Due to lack of research or red flags though, it should not be. Genetic

engineering is the future, not only in foods, but in every aspect of life. Gene

therapy will cure genetic disorders. Cloning, glow in the dark cats, and many

other things are in our near future. The future of genetic engineering is bright

and with more research will expand rapidly to reach it's full potential.
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