gender inequality

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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the issue In this model world, men and women should be given the same priority with no inequality involved. Nevertheless, we are still living in a world which women are still treated unfairly. For instance, women in some countries are still being discriminated from education and right of speaking. But fortunately, this issue has been greatly reversed over the last 100 years. According to the new law of European and North America, women can now experience the same social and political rights as what men have. ( Richards ,n.d.). What does gender inequality mean? Gender inequality is expressed as the difference in status, right and prestige between men and women(The Pennsylvania State University, 2013). This issue has been discussed more intense recently whereas women have found out that they are treated unequally and one of the examples would be unequal wage gap between women and men. Based on a research, the wage gap between women and men is 23 percent, which can be explained by every female full-time employee earned only 77 cent for every dollar men gained in the workplace. This is considered as employment discrimination cases(Institute for Women’s Policy Research [IWPR], 2012 ). What causes gender inequality to occur on most women in the workplace? There are 1 basically two main reasons that gender inequality happens are traditional and stereotypes and undervaluing of women’s work. Traditional and stereotype is that it will slowly contribute a mind-set on female that they should be entering the career which is not male-dominated industry. Consequently, we will not be able to see women in scientific and technical fields. When similar skill requests from women and men, it can be concl... ... middle of paper ... ...of the age lies between 10 and 11. For girls, they are more willing to spend time in a small group to be involved in verbal games, conversation and socializing. Yet, most boys played in the form of large group, which make them fall into the category of physically active games, such as football(BBC NEWS, 2009). Other than this, it is found that women are less likely than men to participate in the labour market. This is mainly because most of the employers will afraid of maternity leave, as it is troublesome and the employers can hardly cope with the works after female employees leave for maternity leave. This eventually contributes to most employers that men are productive and better planning(Fairley, 2013). In conclusion, men can naturally handle what most women cannot handle and this factor can hardly be changed because there is an edge for women to overcome it.

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