gender inequality

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Gender equality has ceased from being an issue and emerge to be a very strong concern worldwide. It is defined as a measurable equal representation of women and men in whatever place. These definition does not insist that the dyad are the same but they have equal value and should be accorded same treatment. It is now a strong tide in the United Nation meetings and several protocol have been issued out to different civilizations to follow to ensure there is gender equality in different nations.
In United Nation, gender equality is human right. As top organ organization, it points out that empowering women, the most affected gender, is the also an indispensable tool for advancing development and eradicating poverty. In its startling statistics, it emerged shockingly that around 70% of the people who live in extreme, abject poverty on less than US$1 a day are girls and women.
In other nations, known as developing world, the situation is even harder than the aforementioned statistics. In this with mind United Nation had to include the thorny issue of gender equality in its millennium development goals number 8, to be used as leading stick and serve as tandem to halve poverty and improve lives. But despite this robust measures, discrimination against women and girls in fashion of gender based violence, economic discrimination, and reproductive health inequality and harmful traditional practices remain the most pervasive and incessantly on their rise in different civilizations.22
The following are the form of gender based violence currently being experienced under the sun in brief; one there is gender based power inequalities. This simply means that an individual is less privileged in any association be it in corridor of power, in n...

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...ntauries, it has harmed women’s health, violated their human rights and sky rocketed their poverty that of their families and as society as whole. In this sector domestic violence has a lion’s share globally experienced by one in three women in their life time. Sexual violence against women and girls is covertly widespread in conflict region.
The only panacea of gender inequality is having reforms in the educational system where scholarship should be given to girls with promising results so that they go to higher level of learning. Another area is government coming up with many gender mainstreaming policies that will enable to tilt the balance back to equilibrium. In addition, another catholicon to this vice is exploring the labour market. Government should give authority to initiative of systemic and long-lasting initiative to promote equality in the labour market

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