gender development

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Freud makes a claim for the formation of femininity through his explanation of psychical development during child sexuality. He explains that he does not wish to give an account for who a women is but only how she becomes feminine from her bisexual tendencies. Freud femininity theory raises speculation since develops it within the context of masculinity. He claims a girl’s turning point in her sexuality is when she realizes she has been castrated and develop a penis envy. This raises concerns since it automatically places the male, at least the male organs, at a hierarchal advantage. Nevertheless, Freud’s theory can be justify within a social-psychological perspective, considering a girl is face with disadvantage and inequality from a social perspective which build in her a psychical inferiority which leads her to the conclusion that lacking a penis makes her inferior.
Freud explain the formation of gender through the four stages of psychical development from a child with bisexual dispositions. He claims that boys have a much easier time developing their masculinity than girls have developing their femininity. The difference lies hidden within the extra hurdles girls must overcome during their psychical development. Boys and girls are pretty much the same until the phallic stage, in fact, Freud states that “the little girl is a little man” since she portrays many masculine traits. During the oral and anal stage, both girls and boys derive pleasure from the same things. Even at the beginning of the phallic stage, both the boys and girls derive pleasure from a similar area; the boys from their penis and the girls from their clitoris. According to Freud, this derivation of pleasure from the clitoris is a sing of masculinity placing...

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...e””(114). He explains that this connotation comes forms from the act of sex where, the semen looks out for the ova and also how the male is the one seeking out for the female and penetrating her. Although the metal attributes of gender associations attributes the patriarchy of the masculinity, they do not explain how the little girl automatically identifies the penis as something superior to her clitoris. In fact, Freud argues that Femininity psychological characteristics does not give preference to passive aim. “To achieve a passive aim may call for a large amount of activity” (115). Sometimes, it might be possible that a women passive tendencies from her sexual life carries over to her life. Yet, the sexual behavior is not the only one that might push women to be passive “the influence of social customs, which similarly force women into passive situations” (115).
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