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In today’s society eating disorders have become very common. It has also become a serious health problem that is vastly growing. Eating disorders may be the result of biological, sociological, and psychological factors.These dreadful eating disorders may be developed from preoccupations with food and weight, but in some cases it is more severe than this. In other cases eating disorders is a form of compensating for wanted feelings and emotions including acceptance. These factors affect the life of many and is seen majorly on adolescents. These behaviors affect physically and emotional health which include their self-esteem. According to a survey conducted by Dr. Bulik 62 percent of women believe that weight or shape has a negative effect on their lives. By believing that weight affects their lives women emotionally harm themselves. Not only are women facing eating disorder, but so are men. Both men and women of any age suffer from eating disorders. Eating disorders are seen as an abnormality that affect both the body and psychological. There has not been a proven cause for eating disorders, but the concern on weight and body shape play a major role in every aspect of eating disorders. Anorexia and bulimia are known to be common. Even though these are seen as common other eating disorders exist such as Rumination Syndrome, and Orthorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is considered an eating disorder due to a person’s obsession to obtain an unattainable body image. Body image and the feeling of acceptance has serve as a guide and explanation to starve and to exercise excessively bringing about their own death. The drive to become thinner reflects a secondary concern about control and even the fear to one’s body. As the cycle of starvation continues the person feels control, even enjoyment, toward their body and as the cycle is prolonged it may become an

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