gay marriage

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Marriage is a sacred bond between two people of the opposite sex. This statement has been heard in many different formats, from many assorted institutions, whether it has been through media, religions, and communities throughout the development of society. All entitling the same idea, the same concept, that marriage is a sacred bond between two people of the opposite sex. The result of this concept being reinforced throughout history shows why society cannot accept change nor see the point of view that marriage is a sacred bond shared between two people who share mutual feelings, gender is irrelevant. But when researching who has the power to not only authorize a title, but also give recognition of a married couple, it is the state government. What other institution preach does not matter.
Currently in the world they are 17 countries that allow gay marriages and two countries where gay marriage is legal in some jurisdictions. The United States has 19 states that have legal same-sex marriage (Pew Research Center, 2014). Since, 2003 when Massachusetts first legalized same-sex marriages, there have been seven states who legalized same-sex marriage by court decision, eight by state legislature, and three by popular vote (Pew Research Center, 2014). When searching the definition of marriage on the web it displays the formal union of a man and woman typically recognized by law. With this statement I believe not only the media, but also our peers with cultural power promote this message. As I also believe the sacred bond of marriage isn’t really between two people, but between two people and politics.
A group that contradicts this message and supports the idea that politics should not be involved in the authorization of marriages is Amer...

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...t everything I believe in. I believe no one should tell you what you can and can’t do unless it physically affects and harms someone else. Someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t change anything in my life, nor does it affect it. It makes it seem as the Constitution, something written to protect the right of individuals, is just a piece of paper that individual states can manipulate. I really hope that states who banned same-sex marriage changing this message and start recognizing individual’s rights based on equality and not theology. Because it does not affect society in any negative way, but shows progress.
In conclusion, states should not have the authority to give recognition on marriages based on genders. If people can marry family under certain circumstances (NCSL, 2014) and people can get married to objects, why can’t same-sex be seen as legal in all states?
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