gay marriage

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In society today, beliefs and views of marriage have increasingly developed different ideas. Homosexual relationships are gaining acceptance in our society. However, these couples are not allowed to marry, for many reasons. It cannot be demonstrated in which, if legalizing gay marriage would harm society, or may even benefit us. Individuals who are in fact gay seem to be gaining more of an acceptance. Seventeen states have legalized gay marriage, for example, California, Iowa, and Maine are just of the many states, who have already allowed individuals to marry someone of the same sex. One might start to question what the issue exactly is. Why is gay marriage looked down upon, and at the same time being allowed? There are always two sides for every issue, either for it, or against it. Gay marriage has no acceptation.
The gay community has seemed too sprung up with larger numbers, and surprisingly with more acceptance. However, there are still individuals who believe is morally wrong. Many people seem to have a strong belief that homosexuality is wrong. Christians and Catholics, and or any other religious affiliations have a strong belief. That belief is against homosexuals, and condemns their behavior, and any others who accept homosexuality. Accepting homosexual behaviors go against the basic commands and rules of God. Marriage is seen as a religious sacrament, and a homosexual couples do not fit the specific criteria that had been put in place.
On the other hand there are individuals who are all about gay marriage. I mean, why not? What harm would it do if it does not affect you directly? Many feel that not allowing homosexuals not to marry is a denial of a basic right. Those individuals have the right to marry, but they canno...

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...ense, since they would create chaos in our society today. But, homosexuality is not an acceptable idea. There are even more rules in where many do not follow. It cannot be justified to follow the rules that you have chosen too. These rule, or commandments, God has place were meant to be followed completely. The question is though, did God place these rules, because they were right, or he placed them because he could. I do have an idea why these have been put forth, but what if these rules were extreme. Would individuals still choose to follow those? I would definitely not. I do not follow some of the rules that I feel are wrong. One of those I feel strongly about is letting gays marry. They should be allowed to do what their happiness entails them too. If God wanted us to be exactly the same he would have made it be that way, but we are not for some unknown reason.
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