gay and christian

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Describe what you are recording about. Identify whether it was a journal paper, book chapter; practice observation; taught theory; lecture or other.

I was reading a book called ‘We were baptized too’ written by Marilyn Alexander and James Preston. The book looks at the question ‘What does it mean to be Christian and Gay?’

What was the main message? What did I understand was being said by the author; lecturer; practitioner etc… What argument was used to support their position?

The message from the book is that when we are baptised Christians and are welcomed into the church as God’s children. At the time of baptism the church and parishioners promise throughout the ritual to accept, love, forgive and nurture the person in faith. Yet the church can be selective and if a person identifies as gay or lesbian the church condemns them and makes them believe that they are not children of God.
“Oppression is not only evil, it is blasphemous because it makes a child of God doubt that s/he is a child of God” Archbishop Desmond Tutu, cited in Alexander & Preston 1992: P43
Because to the fear and isolation from the church and their community gay and lesbian people can oppress their feeling and sexuality, deny who they really are to live a life that is accepted by their church and society, by marrying someone from the opposite gender and go on to have families.
“The fear and repression of sexuality in general fan the flames of homophobia. The inner tug is to avoid, deplore and deny. The walls go up; the sentry is on the lookout” (Alexander & Preston. 1992:P55)

Critical Thinking
What is my evaluation of what was being presented / observed? What evidence do I have that either supports or contradicts the above?

... middle of paper ... LGB&T.
Are faith based youth clubs really carrying out youth work that should be inclusive to all, or are they carrying out activities with young people while teaching theological literature and scripture?
If faith based youth workers are the Shepherds for their church are they protecting their entire flock or just a chosen few, isolating the ones that are different?

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