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Describe the three most meaningful accomplishments in your life and explain why you regard them as such. Of all of my academic, personal, and professional achievements, the following stand out as particularly significant and personally meaningful accomplishments. My greatest accomplishment in life has been, without a doubt, my beautiful daughter. She has been the light of my life since the moment she was born, a very short six months ago. Becoming a father has been a remarkable journey. It has been a journey of firsts; in which I have learned the ups and downs of life. As a father, I have learned to see the past, the present, and the future potential of my daughter. The most critical lesson I have learned so far is that there is truly no greater joy than fatherhood. Having a child means giving up a certain amount of personal freedoms, and there is no amount of forewarning that can prepare you for that massive life change – but it’s worth it. Being a father teaches you that suddenly, life is not about you anymore. A second accomplishment that I hold dear came...

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