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“What goes up, must come down.” ThIs quote is a perfect way of describing how many society’s fate ended, from a poor economy, corrupt leaders, to killing the minorities, it seems like anything can make a society fall in an instant. Do you remember Nazi Germany? Now, do you remember why it collapsed? You may have an idea, but I bet its wrong. This will be about how many great And powerful societies have fallen. From Nazi Germany, to the Great Roman empires. The reasons? Well, they might just surprise you. Many great societies have fallen even in the last couple hundred years. Societies have fallen because of corrupt leaders. This causes a bad government, angry citizens, and unfair laws. This was a big political problem. An Example of a society that fail because a corrupt leader was Nazi Germany. Hitler had started to kill the Jewish people, or minorities. He had favored the German. His “Final Solution” was to kill all the minorities to have a perfect society “During This era, the leaders of this society and their collaborators killed nearly two out of every three "minorities" as part of the "Final Solution."” (society one reading). Hitler had basically destroyed Germany and had Destroyed the population. He had tried to make Germany a better place, but he made it the opposite. Another proof that societies fall because of corrupt leaders is the Roman empires, the empire had been run by Etruscan Kings. This caused a social collapse also. And so Like Hitler, he had favored one social class against another one. They had given the Patricians more rights and more power, than the Plebeians. The plebeians had barely any rights and they had no rights in government But the plebeians took up much of the population and they finally rebelled and...

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...ociety to fall is unfair treatment of the minorities, take Nazi Germany for an example. It was a good and a strong society until they started to kill and mistreat the Jews. Next, too many wars can cause a society to fall because if you keep fighting wars that you know you can't win, like the Romans, you can easily become vulnerable and then lose the wars. If you lose too many wars you have to pay a debt and if you have to keep paying you will go into debt and the economy could collapse. The last reason is corrupt leaders. Corrupt leaders are a major reason for societies falling. For example a society that collapse because of bad leaders was Ancient Rome and the Etruscan Kings. They had been unfair to the Plebeians and had given no rights, and favored to the Patricians. too much war, corrupt leaders, and unfair treatment to minorities can all cause society downfalls.
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