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America’s national health care system has some problems that need to be fixed for the good of our citizens. It is safe to say that the biggest problems with our health care program are the competition and regulation. Our national health care system is too expensive and our insurance companies take advantage of our system in order to maximize profits. The insurance companies in other countries don’t operate on a for profit basis. There will always be something wrong with the health care system. No matter how good the health care is the citizens of a particular country will still complain about it. It doesn’t matter how much money gets spent on health care because doctors and hospitals will argue that it is not enough. Is there a health care system anywhere in the world that will help out the U.S. health care?
The United Kingdom has their own health care systems that are private and publically funded. Each of the countries provides public health care to its residents whenever they need it. The funds needed for this system are collected in the form of taxes. They also have a private healthcare sector that is used by employers or can be paid directly from the customer. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is in charge of setting guidelines as to how the doctors should treat certain conditions. The panel of expert physicians decides how to treat the patient and how the treatment will be funded. Certain treatments are funded and some treatments are not funded. The only country in the UK that has to pay for their prescription drugs is England. Citizens of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales don’t pay for their prescriptions. England’s prescriptions are paid for unless you have a certain condition or you are of a certain ag...

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... going to be a perfect healthcare system. In Great Britain they pay higher taxes. In Canada they have long wait lists for treatment. In the U.S. everything related to medicine is too expensive. The United States healthcare model is acting like the developing world. In the poorest countries in the world with little or no healthcare system, people pay out-of-pocket for treatment. In the U.S., 50 million uninsured Americans are living out-of-pocket as well. The difference is the U.S can afford to build another system and the other countries can’t.

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