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At the end of this quarter, I am facing dilemma about my future development. Getting an Applied Mathematics degree, I realize while in Chinese job market Bachelor degrees are devaluing, in US most H1B work visas go to “foreign specialists.” I am planing to change my major and get a MS and Computer Science may be a field I am getting into. The nature of the work is simply writing computer codes daily, designing, compiling and repairing programs. Some jobs are harder than simply coding, but as most beginners, the job is boring and conversional: writing codes in a fast and accurate manner. The education required varies. While most positions as web designers required only a BS degree, some position such as software developer may need highly trained professionals. As a result, obtaining a MS degree or higher is necessary for this position. This encourages me to get a higher degree after graduation. Most MS programs focus on algorithms design, software management and other more specific topics. MS in computer science focuses on theories and mechanism while a degree in computer engi...

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