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Fletcher Henderson, a new type of Jazz musician, arrived in New York in the 1920s with a college degree. His major accomplishments include bringing about the prevalence of large bands and “the swing formula.” From a middle class family, Henderson grew up studying European art and music with his mother, a piano teacher (PBS n.d.). Henderson earned a degree from Atlanta college with his major focus in chemistry (Davis 2002). Originally, Henderson intended on performing research while in New York, however, he found it difficult to find a job due to his race. He joined the Pace-Handy Music Company and began gaining popularity with the Jazz community. One of his major contributions to Jazz includes the “swing formula” which consisted of “writing an improvised solo line and composing a countermelody designed to accompany the solo line. The two lines were than harmonized to produce a full big band sound” (Davis 121). The original was to make the piece sound as close to improvised as possible. He had a natural gift for arranging and composition. His arrangements are described as “spare, clea...

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