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Just as Christmas is popular in the winter, Graduation is what has everyone buzzing like bees in the spring. We as students from Westside High School, class of 2013 were filled with joy, anxiety, and fear. In less than three months, we will all begin a new journey in our lives whether it be college, working full time, or even taking a gap year to travel or missionary work. High school played a big role in everyones lives. This is where we discovered ourselves, our true friends and experienced some of the most important memories. Soon, we will be considered adults with immense responsibilities. The graduating process was very eventful and is something that will never be forgotten. As a freshmen, hearing “High School flies by so enjoy every moment” seemed like a joke to me. But that day, I realized how fast time has flown by, this was the day we seniors class of 2013 have been anticipating. The day we were going to part ways as we all began our separate lives. I couldn’t help but feel disconsolate, no more seeing my friends everyday in school, no more playing basketball on saturday evening. Soon we will all be scattered like stars in the sky. We will be occupied with work, school and different activities. It felt so good waking up that morning, the light glowed through the curtain. I didn’t feel like sleeping in that day, I hopped out of bed. I opened the curtain, the sun was radiant as I struggled to keep my eyes open. I took a long glance in the mirror looking back at the person I worked so hard to become. All I wanted to do is shop for clothes to wear under my gown. My mother, looked young but the sparse gray hairs revealed her senescence. being the kind woman she is, went out and purchased me a shirt and tie. “... ... middle of paper ... ...came and sat on her eyes waiting to fall. When we arrived home from graduation, we crowed the kitchen, with food cooking and music blasting. My older brother grabbed a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and popped it open. Our house was filled with excitement, I watched my mom dance. Her back was bent and she displayed her confidence with every move. I was focused on her feet, but struggled keeping up, something about her sinuous turns and the way she contorted her body. She laughed and announced, “This is our culture”. The page flipped as I began a new chapter in life. The most memorable and happiest moment in my life has just ended. The laughers, the memories, the influential teachers, the lessons I learned, and the friendships will never be forgotten. But like my mother always told me, “This is just the beginning of you exciting and memorable life.”
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