from jihad to terrorism

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Jihad is the Islamic concept which has been grossly misinterpreted. Jihad in reality is based on high ethical norms for the consummation of human life. The first principle of jihad is the self defense under which war is permissible in Islam. The Quran declares it candidly “la ikrah fid din” there is no compulsion in religion at the same time Quran makes it clear that Islam is a religion of mercy, peace and forgiveness. It is hypothesized that if the extremist factions of our society will keep misinterpreting Jihad in the name of terrorism then the aim and image of our religion Islam that promotes religious tolerance will be distorted. The following sources of the literature review support this hypothesis.
It is being widely believed that terrorist actions are mostly done by the Muslim jihadist. People misinterpret jihad and terrorism. According to Islam In any case strict conditions prescribed for jihad are supposed to be observed and not transgressed. Women, children, and sick persons are not to be molested. Even tress and crops are not to be destroyed and meticulous care is to be accorded to caring the victims of war. (iqbal S.husain 2003). Jihad is the concept to understand and follow to insure justice, peace and all forms of aggression, corruption and degeneration in the society and not a concept to be condemned. From several Quranic verses it may be implied that jihad is a struggle, a constant struggle to eliminate discrepancies between deficiencies and perfection. It is an immense search for accomplishment, an immense attack on deformities. Islam at the same places great emphasis on the way social, religious and political counications are conducted with the non-believers, especially with the followers of A...

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... terrorists’ groups and networks and that have become a challenge for the intelligence agencies of the world. At present in numerous nations terrorists have made a state of lack of determination and repulsive fallings in the personalities of billions of individuals, particularly with the terrorist assaults of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Building in the United States of America. The pure individuals keep on suffering wretchedness and restraint because of these barbaric demonstrations of terrorism. The merciless and explicit terrorism constraint both by people and at a few places the state supported terrorism acts against honest men, ladies and kids have few parallels in the archives of history. Because of these unlawful and repulsive acts, numerous spots of the world have gotten rotting bruises

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