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Since we live in an era where there is a willingness from people to post videos, photos e.t.c on social networks, theres is still an outstanding debate on what is termed as privacy and why it is so important. Back in 1975, Rachels James stated that there is no real answer as to why privacy is important to people (Rachels, 1975).
There are various reasons as to why a person may post information online but have a problem with others posting his personal information without consent, or using personal data for other means than intended.
Some people claim that privacy is not a serious issue to them as they have nothing to hide,and therefore knowing that surveillance cameras followed them everywhere wouldn't change a thing, others argue that privacy is not all about bad things or secrecy(Solove, 2011) and privacy problems have led to invasion into the private domains.
Privacy is therefore important because it helps individuals maintain individuality. This can be seen in “A man’s house is his castle” (Hafetz,2001) , which is an old principle that explains that the mans front door represents a form of privacy. A mans home is therefore privacy from the outside world and protection from public gaze,press. This principle also protects people from forced visitors and gives individuals the right to place legal actions if their home which is considered their privacy is being disturbed (Hafetz,2001).
Privacy is also important because it controls vulnerability and controls the amount of control a person can have on another. Although there are still companies that monitor their staff through CCTV and even governments that do this, the internet is still the biggest attack on privacy as it automatically saves data without permission (Join...

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...should also be attached to data for example book reviews, so that even when these data is passed around, the owner is tagged. Individauals also need to accept that sometimes their information will be used without permission.
Privacy is therefore not just a moral or ethical issue, it is instituted as the law respects it and knows about its existence. There are different principles that will help the protection of privacy in the future, The purpose selection principle is the first one, which states that there should be a reason as to why a persons personal data is collected, Another principle is use limitation principle which states that the data should be used for only the purpose it was collected for (, 2014). Principles that guard organisations have also been made, examples include the openness principles and accountability principles (, 2014).
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