force feedback

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A force feedback interface is a device that gives users the sensation of a virtual force thereby letting the user touch, feel and manipulate virtual or remote objects in a quasi-natural way. This, when supplemented with audio and visual feedback, gives user the sense of immersion into the virtual or remote environment. The concept forms the base for the virtual reality and telepresence. The idea of Virtual Reality (VR) as presented by Stone1 is “the computer generation of realistic three-dimensional visual worlds in which a human operator, typically equipped with a head-mounted stereoscopic display, interactive gloves and even whole-body suits, can explore and interact with computer-generated virtual objects in much the same way as one might in the real world - by moving, pointing, grasping, touching and viewing from many different angles.” Burdea2,3 defined VR as the user’s real-time multimodal interaction with a computer generated world. The concept of VR is extended by Telepresence, which as presented by Stone1 is “a specialised form of teleoperation and telerobotics whereby the o...
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